How to Consign with She~She on Main, LLC

  • In a hurry? No worries…You can drop off at your convenience during open hours (see home page). We will evaluate items wanted and set prices. You will be notified via e-mail/phone to arrange pick-up of items not chosen.
  •  We will catalog items we keep and give you a copy of intake date and price.
  •  If you have time and want to carry off un-selected items, please make an appointment by calling (540) 543-3331. We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • If items are too large to bring in to assess, photos are required prior to agreeing upon. You may e-mail photos to website
  • If consignment is agreed upon, it will be your responsibility to deliver. We will schedule a time.

What we accept:

  • Women’s items only at this time, thank you! (sorry fella’s)
  • Women’s items  Size 0-20
  • Please inspect your items before presenting. Items not selected will be kindly declined.
  • We will accept items in good sellable condition and within season.
  • Preference to Brand recognition.
  • Apparel items must be cleaned, on hangers and without blemishes.
  • We carefully inspect all items presented and will select items based on condition, brand, season and current selling space.
  • Household Furnishings (including furniture) will be determined on a case by case basis.

When do you get Paid:

  • We consign for 60 days. We will take first discount at day 21, second discount at day 30.
  • After day 60 you may retrieve your unsold items from the floor and collect your check.
  • Your check will be held for 90 days.  After that date,  all un-retrieved checks will be forfeited and the funds become the property of She~She on Main LLC.
  • If you choose to leave items after day 60, we will give a five (5) day grace period before we pull items from the floor and donate.

What we are responsible for:

  • We are responsible for reasonable care of your items in our possession.
  • Ensuring we price your items as fair as the market dictates.
  • Treating every consignor as a valued guest.

What we are not responsible for:

  • We are not responsible for the loss, theft or damage to your items.

What you are responsible for:

  • Bringing in your items, there is no pick-up service.
  • Clean items on hangers
  • Track your progress from date on intake
  • Retrieve your items
  • Pick up your mullah


We look forward to consigning with you.